Artist’s Statement

As a ceramic artist, I explore the form and function of objects used in the daily rituals of serving food and drink. I am interested in the personal sentiment and nostalgia that develop with repeated use of these functional objects. To explore the relationship between the user and the object, I remove the original serving function of the object and leave behind a decorative skeleton. The work reveals the essence of the original form, giving the viewer an opportunity to construct a personal memory of the ritualistic act of using the object.

When designing the decorative skeletons of my ceramic pieces I am inspired by the finesse of arabesque patterns found in Islamic architecture. I am drawn to the purity of the decorative patterns and their symmetrically elegant shapes. I use the fluidity of a vessel’s form and rim to capture a similar feeling of splendor and rhythm. The symmetrical lines found in the forms of my pieces reflect a contemporary approach to three-dimensional patterns. The delicate lattice references the fragility of the clay material, while simultaneously providing the structural strength to the form. Stripping the forms of their function and traditional use allows me to explore the question: Do the memories that we associate with ritualistic objects hold a greater value than the use of the object?